GSH Ultima 1500mg

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GSH-Ultima 1500mg skin whitening injection improves skin condition drastically

GSH-Ultima 1500mg shin whitening injection is one of the best skin whitening injections available in the market. It works magically on the skin providing clear white skin. Thousands of users of GSH-Ultima have shown their extreme satisfaction after using this injection. This wonderful injection not only provides clear white skin, but also keeps a person healthy and energetic.


Glutathione and Vitamin C are the two primary active ingredients in this injection. The immense benefits of Glutathione are already known to the mankind. This product is an active antioxidant that can even drive out heavy toxic chemical from the body. It also helps to reduce melanin concentration from the body. Vitamin C is available in this injection in form of ascorbic acid. The multifaceted benefits of this vitamin is already known to the doctors. It keeps the skin tight by increasing collagen, helps to enhance immunity of the body and actively enhances the effectiveness of Glutathione.


The doses should be taken under expert supervision. Normally, doses are taken intravenously, so help from a doctor or trained nurse is required. Experts advise to take one or two injections each week, but their needs at lease three days’ gap in-between to injections.


GSH-Ultima 1500mg shin whitening injection is not suitable for the following individuals

  • Individuals who are currently taking medicines for any other health issues like cardiovascular problems.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Mothers who are still breast feeding their children

It is always feasible to consult a dermatologist and fix doses if the willing user of this injection is not of sound health.


There are innumerable benefits of GSH-Ultima 1500mg shin whitening injection :

  • It makes the skin fair, gorgeous and smooth.
  • Multiple of aging symptoms disappear including wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pimple and acnes don’t bother the users of this injection anymore.
  • It tightens up the skin, thereby providing young and fresh look.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Enhances immunity power of the body.
  • Increases energy and keeps the vital organs like liver and kidney in fine condition.

It’s a new age skin whitening injection. However, result varies from person to person for many other related factors like lifestyle, profession, existence of other health problems, weather conditions etc.

Disclaimer : Results may vary person to person

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