Glutax 1000GX Micro Pro SK8

Quick Overview

Glutax 1000GX Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening gives gorgeous skin quickly.

Glutax 1000G X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening injection is very effective even in the most damaged skin condition and also against aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. Its updated formulation has helped millions of individuals to achieve fair and bright skin forever.

Who can use this product?

This product is meant for any individual with good stature and within 18-60 years of age. This is a hugely effective supplement for people who have tried multiple of similar products in vain. Glutax 1000G X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening injection is also formulated for those people, who want to protect their skin from pollution, harmful chemicals, and natural aging.


The ingredients in the product are as follows :

  • Glutathione – 1500mg
  • Kojic Acid – 500mg
  • Collagen Extract – 500mg
  • Ascorbic Acid – 1500mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 500mg
  • Epidermal Growth Factor – 2000mg
  • Selenio – 400mg
  • Phytopin- 225mcg

Apart from this basic ingredients, there some important fruit extract and vitamins are also present in this highly effective skin whitening supplement.

Precautions and Restrictions

Glutax 1000G X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening has no side-effects. Excess or unused part of these injection is systematically drained by the body.

However, following restrictions need special attention

  • Individuals with cardiovascular issues should avoid this injection.
  • Individuals allergenic to vitamins or any other the ingredients in this product should also ignore the injection.
  • Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid the injection.


There are innumerable benefits of Glutax 1000G X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

  • It makes the skin fair, elegant and even.
  • Multiple of aging symptoms naturally including wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pimple, acnes and rashes are also controlled.
  • The supplement is also a fabulous detoxifier.
  • Enhances immunity of the body.
  • Sharpens memory and enhances brain power.
  • Increases energy and keeps the vital organs like liver and kidney in fine condition.


The injection is applied intravenously, hence the doses should be taken under expert supervision only. One set of this product contains different vials and files. User needs to understand how a dose is made. Experts advise to take one or two injections each week, but their needs at least three days’ gap in-between to injections.

Disclaimer : Results may vary person to person.

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