Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum

Quick Overview

Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin whitening injection provides complete protection with glowing and handsome skin.

Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin whitening injection is specially formulated with specially formulated Glutathione to provide you with fair and gorgeous skin within a short span of time. It is very efficient in controlling skin damages that delivers the most important ingredients to the body, including Glutathione for quick recovery from dull complexion and rough skin. People who need to stay outside for a long time due to their profession or any other reasons are always susceptible to multiple of skin related issues UV rays and air pollutants. Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin whitening injection protects the skin from all sorts of damages.

Who can use the product?

Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin whitening 5000mg can be safely used by any able-bodied person. The supplement is 100% natural and don’t creates any health hazard even if taken in excess accidentally.

However, below mentioned people should steer away from this product :

  • Pregnant women and mothers breast feeding their newborns.
  • Women taking medicines any problems in reproductive system.
  • People having cardiovascular issues.
  • People having kidney related issues.
  • People allergenic to vitamins.


Each package of GLUTAX Pro Q10 Platinum contains the following sets:

  • 6 x 5 ml ampoules large
  • 6 x 2ml ampoules small
  • 6 Vial Powder

The composition and content of GLUTAX Platinum Pro Q10:

  • Glutathione - 5000 mg
  • Pro - Coenzyme Q10 - 500mg
  • Ascorbic Acid - 1500mg
  • Collagen - 350mg

Besides, it also contains essential fruit extracts, and vitamins.

Functions and Benefits of GLUTAX Platinum Pro Q10 :

  • Lightens the skin and makes it gorgeous and flexible.
  • Removes all sorts of aging symptoms.
  • Smoothens the skin.
  • Provide all necessary nutrients for the skin.
  • Protects the skin from damaging effects of pollutants.
  • Protects the skin from early damages.
  • Keeps the immune system strong.


There is a certain method of combining the ampoules and powder to prepare each dose of Combine a set Glutax Q10 Pro platinum. It is to be taken one or two injections per week intravenously for 1-2 months at a stretch. After attaining targeted fairness and skin condition, the doses can be reduced to 1 injection fortnightly.

Disclaimer : Results may vary person to person

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