Tatiomax Gold 1200mg

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Use Tatiomax Gold 1200mg skin whitening injection for fair and bright skin

Tatiomax Gold 1200mg injection is specially formulated with L-Glutathione to make it extra effective for the skin and entire body. Individuals who have lost all hopes and still looking for the best possible solution to improve their skin condition should try Tatiomax Gold at least for two months. It makes a person, both male and female, beautiful and smart.


The major ingredients in Tatiomax Gold1200mg injection is Glutathione, Vitamin C and Hydrolyzed collagen.

Glutathione - It is a compound made of three vital amino acids- cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. These amino acids are building blocks of cells. Human liver also builds some Glutathione.In fact, the body produces and stores the largest amounts of this ingredient in the liver, and therefrom it spreads in different parts of the body to act as detoxifying agent. It helps keep red blood and white blood cells healthy to maximize immunity of the body. Glutathione also has an anti-aging effect on the body. But, as its level declines with age, skin looks dull and aged. Input of Glutathione from external source fulfills that discrepancy.

Collagen – It is the most useful protein within the extracellular spaces in the body. It holds the cells together. As collagen level decreases, flexibility of skin is lost to a great extent and different again symptoms surface. Tatiomax Gold supplies sufficient quantity of collagen to keep collagen concentration in the body intact.

Vitamin C – It is a very useful vitamin for skin. It helps in collagen production, provides protection against UV light and free radicals.


Some interesting benefits of Tatiomax Gold are as follows :

  • It makes the skin fair and beautiful.
  • On regular use of Tatiomax Gold, skin looks young and smooth.
  • All types of aging symptoms disappear one by one.
  • Pimple and acne never occur.
  • It protects the skin from all harmful effects of UV light.
  • It rejuvenates thye body and keeps the user highly energetic.


This injection is not suitable for pregnant women and mother who are breast feeding their children. People with any other health issue should consult with doctors before taking this injection.


Two injections a week for a period of two to three months is the most dosage for a normal individual.

Disclaimer : Results may vary person to person.

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