About us

MagicBeauty Gardentech (AGPL), founded in 2019 aims to provide D2C brand trustworthy premium products of Indoor Garden Products, Home Décor, Indian Handicraft, DIRECT from Indian Manufacturers, Handcrafters & Artisans to the customer at an effective price thru our e-Commerce. We aim to encourage & support our Indian Industry & “Make in India”.

Vocal for Local

Our brand A R PHI BO ™ is an unique name derived from 4 indoor air purifying plants :-

Our Stories :-

Our journey has started with a story in 2018, which has inspired our heart to start MagicBeauty.

On a birthday of my wife Madhu Priya, I have gifted her an indoor plants, and I was quite surprised after some months that, she has propagated that plant in multiple pots & showcase to her friends and gifted them, she has inspired to do gardening in their home to come close to the nature and feel the mesmerizing beauty and benefits to have a mini garden in each home.

We have observed that, the people buying plants from the market, but not sustaining in their home for long & dying or wilting even in a very short time.

That was due to lack of proper nourishment of plants / soil and generally peoples are throwing those plants & buying new or stop buying due to demotivation, because some think that maintaining plants is a very vital task.

We have also observed a major problem that there is lack of a proper gardener services in the market at affordable & guaranteed timely service.

To resolve this real problem, We have started propagating small plants saplings in our balcony garden with organic treated soil mix rich with nutrients & start selling in beautiful pots from our home.

We realize that house owner were happy with our plants & beautiful elegant pots, growing / sustaining & beautifying their home & they have appreciated our effort, We have also started bringing a small changes by providing them videos of gardening care & tips thru YouTube & gardener doorstep services to take care of their plants at an affordable price.

This has inspired us to build a D2C brand for indoor garden products, which is laid with agri tech based & in organic way & also provide home décor products from Indian artisans & handcrafters with an effective price thru our e- commerce platform.

We are focused on quality of products, its packing, best Logistics & priority services to our customers for their utmost satisfaction.

Our Vision :-

MagicBeauty™, a D2C brand company founded in 2019 aims to provide trustworthy products of Indoor Garden, Home Décor, Handicrafts, direct from Indian Manufacturers to our customer at an effective price thru our e- Commerce with services. We aim to encourage & support our Indian Industry & “Make in India” ~ Vocal for Local.

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