Cancellation Policy

Cancel Items or Orders:

At our Magic Beauty website (here in after called platform), our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. But sometimes technical & human error is not in our control, however we devote ourselves & with our team to improve their working capability by providing periodic training & adhering to our SOP (Standard operational procedures)

If for any reason you wish to cancel the order for whatsoever the reasons, we are here to extend our support & help to you. You will be able to cancel your order at order level cancellation the same is elaborated as follows :-

  1. You can cancel your order online, before the product(s) in your order is under confirm stage. At the platform, we can decide the process for crediting the applicable refund against the canceled order. If the payment for order was done from your side, then a refund for such payment will be processed to your original payment method. Order can be canceled by the below mentioned Communication channel:-
    • You may direct cancel your order through online mode; or
    • You may connect with our customer care for cancellation of your order or Email to [email protected]
  2. In case, even a single product of the order has been picked/shipped, you will not be able to cancel the order.
  3. In case, the order contains product(s) which were purchased under a special promotional offer or any special scheme, in such cases order level cancellation will not be applicable.

Pickup/Dispatch Level Cancellation:

  1. In case, the product has been picked/shipped, you will not be able to cancel individual product or complete pickup/shipment.
  2. Cancellation will not be applicable for all the respective products which are part of shipment , if the shipment is out for delivery or in transit stage.

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