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Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Full Set Customized

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions is a kind of glutathione product that is rich in antioxidants and works on your skin deeply to give you the result of a brighter and glowing skin tone.

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Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Full Set Customized

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions contains Cindella as its ingredients which helps your skin from the pigmentation and prevents you with acne-free and pimple-free skin. The oil content in our skin is unpredictable. Sometimes it can be excess that it leaves you with acne and pimples and sometimes it is too low that it can cause your skin to dry and dull. Cindella helps your skin to maintain balance with the pigmentation and protects your skin from excessive damage.

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions has the combination of Glutathione and Vitamin C which is rich in antioxidants and provides deep nourishment to your skin. It helps your skin to get a brighter skin tone with a healthy texture. The intake of these injections protects your skin from all harmful chemicals to which your skin is exposed externally or internally. It eliminates the toxic impurities from your body to provide clean and bright skin.

Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions helps in Collagen production which gives your skin a healthy brightness and prevents the production of melanin which makes your dark and dull complexion. It also prevents the aging properties and helps to eliminate the fine lines of wrinkles and gives a young look along with bright and smooth skin tone.

Ingredients of Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Full Set Customized

  • Cinderella:- It helps in reducing acne and dark spots. It helps in improving skin tone and texture. It also helps in reducing pigmentation.
  • Glutathione:- It helps in whitening the skin. It also reduces oxidative stress and makes skin quality better.
  • Vitamin C:- It helps in boosting the collagen production in the cell. It also helps in protecting skin from UV rays. It helps in reducing scars and acne.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid:- It helps in lightening skin color. It gives a young look to the skin and increases skin elasticity.

    Keep at room temp & avoid direct sunlight

Benefits of Cindella 1200mg 10 Sessions Full Set Customized

  • Helps in reducing anti-aging.
  • Makes skin elastic.
  • It boosts up the immune system.
  • It also helps in reducing free radicals.
  • It works as a powerful antioxidant for the skin and body.
  • It reduces the melanin in the cells.
  • It gives skin a younger tone.
  • Helps in the growth of new cells in the skin.
  • Helps in preventing anti-aging.
  • Helps in reducing wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots.
  • Helps in healing the skin from inside and growing the new skin.
  • Reduces acne and dark spots.
  • It gives nourishment and moisturization to the skin.

How to Use

It is an intravenous or intramuscular injection taken 1 set per week for 2 months and then it is reduced to 1 set every two weeks.

Recommendations for Dosage and Method Of Administration

Initial dose: 1-2 injections in the vein (IV) or intramuscular (IM) every week for up to a month.

Dose for maintenance: 1. injection in the vein (IV) or intramuscular (IM) every 2 weeks.

Inject Glutathione to achieve the greatest results.


If you have any ingredient sensitivity or allergy please consult the doctor before use.

Not Suitable For:

  • Breast feeder.
  • Allergy to vitamins (any kind).
  • Pregnant woman
  • Patient with cardiovascular problem** The result depends on individual metabolism
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Skin whitening injection will work for your skin white treatment and anti-aging problems, but if your skin complexion is too stubborn then we recommend you for Glutathione advanced skin whitening injection. Glutathione has strong antioxidant properties which will give you the result of skin tone satisfaction.

    Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that gives you an advanced skin effect. It works by cleaning the liver and lungs thus removing the toxic bacteria from your body and giving your skin a healthy and smooth texture with a satisfactory glow.

    Best to take 30 minutes before or after the meal.

    Despite the rampant use of intravenous (IV) Cindella 1200mg injection for skin whitening in certain countries, the intravenous method. However, we suggest you consult your physician for more details.

    Our Cindella 1200mg injection is naturally extracted and manufactured from cruelty-free and paraben-free laboratories. It has zero effect on your skin and health. It doesn't give any irritation or skin breakout.

    Usually, it takes 21 days after your session with Cindella 1200mg injection with 3 sessions. But with Cindella 1200mg injection for skin whitening after the first session, you will start to feel the smoothness and moisture of the skin with a healthy glow on your face.

    Cindella 1200mg injection is a strong antioxidant that is used for brightening the skin and reducing acne and dark circles. It helps in reducing melanin pigments and produces free radicals which help to reduce aging symptoms on your skin.

    Cindella 1200mg injection has a strong antioxidant that helps to reduce acne marks and improve your skin appearance.

    No, Cindella 1200mg injection is manufactured in Korea.

    Our Cindella 1200mg will work on acne marks and prevent the formation of pigmentation. It has strong antioxidant properties which will give your skin a smooth, healthy, and moist look. It also helps to maintain fair skin in a short period of time. However, if you are undergoing any allergic and skin disease then first you should consult your physician before use.